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Romantic Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Why is Italy so popular for romantic weddings? The simple answer is that there are venues like no other in the world. Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, and Capri are just a few destinations which will offer you a celebration setting which looks straight out of Vogue or Conde Nast Travel. Also noteworthy is the Italian culture as a backdrop for your special event which offers world class food and wine. Where do you begin? Find a company which offers you planning services here and in Italy. There are details regarding official documentation for a legal ceremony, for example, that will need expert overseeing and advice. Finding the perfect venue is also critical to matching your dream event and budget with availability. If you choose to get married on the Amalfi Coast, having local experts who can guide the travel recommendations for you and your party is also necessary. The narrow windy scenic cliff hugging roads are better handled by your event team than for you to have to worry about. In some cases, a water taxi might be better than traveling by land. Some venues allow music for your party to go longer into the night, while others have noise restrictions.

Amalfi Coast Moments was created to bring together the knowledge of American wedding cultures with native Italian local experts to ensure that your romantic wedding is completely seamless. We know the best photographers, videographers, musicians, and venues to custom design a personal romantic celebration. Our team has years of experience, been featured in top magazines, and has an award-winning floral designer all dedicated to you. Let’s start your dream wedding!


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