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Wedding venue overlooking the Amalfi Coast

chi siamo

Photo by Christina McNeill


Several years ago, a friendship was forged by Debra Kraft and Alessandra Petillo in a most unusual way.  They “met” over social media and have dreamed ever since of collaborating one day.  If you were to ask either one of them they would say, “we are soul sisters.”


Debra has traveled extensively through Italy and the Amalfi Coast and Alessandra lives and works there, so naturally, the dream of Amalfi Coast Moments was an organic fit to design weddings, celebrations and events in one of the most exclusive, coveted and beloved destinations in the world. 

White floral wedding arrangement


Debra Kraft, Amalfi Coast Moments Lead Floral Designer

Lead Floral Designer

Debra’s approach to floral design is rooted in her fine arts background. Trained as a painter, she views the creation of floral designs similar to that of painting on a canvas. The only difference is the medium is botanicals and florals, rather than paint. Debra says, “Nature has taught me to arrange flowers, and painting has taught me to see.”


Debra is a multi-award winning floral designer who has exhibited at several Museums and has had some of her arrangements published. She has grown up in the East Coast of the United States and is a true New England girl who loves the Four Seasons. She also has a love for travel and in particular the Amalfi Coast region of Italy. Her creativity, talent and attention to detail have allowed her to create strong relationships in the event industry all over the world. When she is not working with clients to plan their fabulous celebrations, Debra can be found in her garden, cooking or entertaining.

"What a find Debra is. You will love the arrangement and the care she gives you as a consumer!"

- Marjorie

With over fifteen years of independent planning experience, Alessandra is the premier planner on the Amalfi Coast and delivers the best to her clients. With a background in radio, television and theatre, she brings a creative, vivacious and patient approach to working with clients. Incredible requests and challenges are welcome and her motto is to create the most unique experiences for her clients.


Alessandra has planned hundreds of events throughout the region and other areas in Italy and abroad. She is your local guide to the area and personally works with clients to understand their interests, hobbies and vision in order to find the perfect location and event professionals. Every wedding for her is a symphony of emotions. Every client will be treated like family, throughout the planning, celebration and beyond.


Alessandra Petillo, Italian Event Producer of Amalfi Coast Moments

Italian Event Producer

"From the very beginning, Alessandra, showed us a great professionalism and love for her work. She knows how to fulfill every little wish and take care of every detail."

- Simona & Pietro

Table setting of Amalfi Coast wedding reception


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