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Religious, Civil, or Symbolic ceremony for your Destination Wedding in Italy on the Amalfi Coast

Congratulations on your upcoming destination wedding in Italy. Here's an introduction information regarding a religious, civil or symbolic ceremony in Italy:

For religious and civil ceremonies, we recommend working with an experienced event planner to help select the church or the town hall that will be best for you and your guests to reach your reception so that the party can begin!! You can be married in a catholic church, respecting the information from the resident priest or have a civil valid wedding, respecting the official government information.

Once the documents are made in the country of origin, civil valid wedding documents will also need to respect the instruction of the Italian law.

We recommend that you check the entire procedure and time line with the local office in your country, the consulate and, if needed, with the religious offices too. The entire procedure, civil or religious, must be done by the bride and the groom only, especially because a lot of steps have to be done in person by the newlyweds only. The web also helps a lot to understand the difference between each nationality. When all the procedures are properly done, the wedding documents will be official and valid because they honor international , national and Italian laws. Always refer to official sources for current rules and laws.

Symbolic weddings are the most flexible as they only have a romantic value. You will have unlimited options for ceremony sites because you will do all of your paperwork in your home state before your trip. This means you can do your vows anywhere - a garden, terrace with ocean views, or even on a boat while sailing towards Capri!! There is no religious requirements, and if you want to have a friend or relative officiate, that's perfect. Or your event planner can find you a celebrant or officiant.

At Amalfi Coast Moments, we will help you navigate the paperwork and timeline for your ceremony. As well, we will help find the officiant for you, no matter your religion or affiliation.

Work with us for our expertise with Positano, Ravello, Sorrento, Capri, Praiano, Viet Sul Mare, Cilento and Amalfi. Ask us for planning your wedding in Lake Como, Tuscany, Florence, Rome and Venice - we will be by your side.


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