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Long table at outdoor wedding reception of Amalfi Coast wedding


Photo by Christina McNeill



Our team’s wide range of expertise, talent, and passions ensure your Italian celebration is one of a lifetime. Whether an intimate dinner at a private villa or a modern fete at one of the top hotels on the Amalfi Coast, we’ll deliver the experience, tailor-made for you.



Long table at outdoor wedding reception looking over the Amalfi Coast

Photo by Christina McNeill


Through years of experience, we’ve developed a team of event professionals who will create a bespoke celebration with your style and personality in mind. We know what it takes, and our process ensures a joyful planning journey. Planning your event with Amalfi Coast Moments ensures that we have intimate knowledge of the most unique locations to host your party in Italy. Whether your dreaming of Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, Lake Como, Tuscany, Rome, Milan, Venice, or Florence, we are here to coordinate your event. 

Below is an overview of our services:



  • Sourcing your perfect venue, exclusive villas for large or small celebrations

  • Securing event professionals: photography, entertainment, hair, and makeup

  • Presenting design plans for all aspects of the celebration, bridal party dinner, post-reception celebration with fireworks

  • Creating a detailed timeline and providing a solid team with local Italian expertise and knowledge of US customs. Amalfi Coast Moments can also provide Budget and RSVP Management 

 One of the most exciting and exclusive services we offer is our partnership with Haute Couture Italian designer Emanuele Bilancia. Our clients can choose to have Bridal & custom gowns and suits. Imagine yourself wearing a one-of-a-kind gown made for you by one of the most talented Italian fashion designers!


We can also offer a bridal concierge service throughout your entire 




  • Set-up of accommodations taking Budget, Length of Stay, & Personal Preferences into consideration.

  • Coordinating Airport Pick Up/Drop Off, and Local Destinations 

  • Creation of seamless itineraries to transport your guests from ceremony to reception whether by water taxi or ground transportation

  • Personal itineraries and Arrangements for Babysitting, Personal Training, Makeup & Hair Stylists, Personal Shoppers, Dog Walkers, Private Chefs

Your guests are important and will be traveling a distance to celebrate with you. Our goal is to make them feel taken care of and special.


Some of our guest services include:



There is so much to do and see in Italy that can be blended into your celebration. This is where our knowledge and experience of the region is invaluable asset. 


Let’s plan some amazing moments for you and your guests – many not accessible to others. Whether you choose to be on land or at sea, we can arrange private dinners, wine tastings, cooking classes, a spa day, fireworks display, pizza-making party, and much more!

Blue waters of the Amalfi Coast ocean


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