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Italy Destination Wedding Costs

Dreaming of getting married in Italy? Perhaps somewhere on the Amalfi Coast overlooking the Ocean? You may be pleasantly surprised that the costs to you and your guests are compatible to having a wedding in the United States. For many of our clients, this is the first question we get asked. Let's take a look at the realities and misconceptions.

If you get married in the United States and have out of town guests, then the cost of airfare in many cases can be very similar to that of flying to Italy. If you have given your guests enough notice they can start shopping for airfare and once they are in Italy they can easily use the high speed train service to affordably travel to your wedding destination and not need a car. The train service in Italy is wonderful and actually part of the "experience" for your guests. If you are working with a wonderful event coordinator in Italy, your event planner is able to seamlessly coordinate a shuttle for your guests from the train station to their hotel. Unlike in the United States where you need a car to go everywhere, your guests will not need a car on the Amalfi Coast.

Hotel costs may be your next question. Similarly to the United States, there are varying price points for accommodations on the Amalfi Coast. The time of year, and location can and will effect pricing. If you are working with an event planner who knows your needs, they can offer you a perfect match for you and your guests. The hotels are smaller on the Amalfi Coast - many of them are intimate villas and therefore you will have guests sometimes at more than one location but they can be shuttled to the wedding site for your celebration which takes all the stress of driving off of you and your guests and as you might imagine parking is a huge challenge so a shuttle is perfect. By offering a number of accommodations for your guests, they are able to choose one in their budget. Don't forget, your guests often are so excited to be on the Amalfi Coast and consider that attending your wedding doubles as a vacation for them.

The nuts and bolts of wedding ceremony costs in Italy are very similar to the United States - with the added bonus that your reception food will be authentic Italian cuisine! Imagine a multi course meal with local food and wine from the Amalfi region. The reputation for the finest in ingredients and for the local wines is well deserved. Imagine as well the backdrop in your photos of the iconic Amalfi Coast and we hope you will be assured it will not just be a ceremony, it will be a memorable experience.

We here at Amalfi Coast Moments pride ourselves in our local knowledge of the region as well as over twenty years of experience. Your event is tailored to you and your guests. We hope you'll explore having your celebration with us and look forward to helping you!

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